Renovating the kitchen plays a vital role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home and boosting the value of your property. It takes an ample amount of cash and effort to remodel the kitchen. Here are some of the pitfalls, you should avoid for your kitchen renovation. Take a look!

6 Kitchen Renovation Mistake You Should Avoid

Say No to Fragile Materials

Avoid choosing materials for your kitchen just because they look property. There is a wide array of kitchen accessories that might look amazing but are made of fragile materials. It is recommended to opt for materials, which feature high durability.

Opt for kitchen accessories that are made of Quartz for the renovation of our kitchen. In addition to resolving a wide array of issues, it also adds to the beauty of your kitchen.

Do Not Avoid the Storage Features

If you have a good budget, make sure to give preferences to the add-ons as well as the storage features like drawer dividers and pantry pull-outs. They are effective in enhancing the storage efficiency of the kitchen. You can think of adding them later. But this might involve a huge cut off from the pocket down the road.

Do Not Agree to Less Counter Space

If you are planning to renovate the kitchen, you should get an ample amount of counter space. As you have more counter space, you will be capable of spreading the work area. You can also appoint other people in the kitchen to helping you with cooking. You can go for organized cooking by ensuring more counter space.

Do Not Go For Too Many Colors

The addition of an occasional splash of color is useful in boosting the appeal of your kitchen. However, if you use an excessive amount of color for your home, you will end up in reducing the elegance of your kitchen. It is recommended to opt for a decorative or rug bowl. You can also consider using a combination of color and art.

Do Not Make the Aisles Too Tight

You should ensure that the aisles of the kitchen are wide enough to accommodate everything, you need in the kitchen. Clearance is useful to the cooks for maneuvering and navigating the space.

If you are planning to redesign your kitchen, it is recommended to ensure that the aisles between appliances, walls, and islands are within 42-48 inches wide. Also, maintain sufficient space between the key features such as range and sinks so that you do not bump into the other person while working in the kitchen.

Do Not Pick the Incorrect Size

If you opt for items of the wrong size, you should ensure to make the whole kitchen look incomplete and sloppy. For instance, if you search for bar stools of less height, in comparison to the height of the island, it will be challenging for members of your family to use the specific area of the kitchen comfortably.

Make sure to measure the island first before selecting light fixtures for hanging above the island. If the light fixtures are of incorrect size, it might provide a sloppy look to the kitchen.

Renovating the kitchen is not a walk in the park. You have to take a wide array of decisions so that this hefty financial commitment does not become a waste.

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