Bathroom renovation is the process of upgrading, replacing and improving an outdated bathroom. For example homes with older bathrooms typically require a renovation. Bathroom renovations are relatively simple to complete as long as the right contractor is selected.

Bathroom renovations are completed similarly to kitchen renovations. Depending upon the case, certain elements of the bathroom may need to be removed completely such as the vanity or the flooring. Depending upon the scope of the work needed, bathroom remodeling jobs can vary. When looking for the best bathroom renovation price, there are a few things to consider.

How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Cost in Canada?

Regular Bathroom Renovation Cost

The number one question always asked his “how much does the renovation cost?” The answer to this question varies based on a few variables. For example, as mentioned previously, depending upon the scope of the work required, the price will fluctuate as well. In Canada bathroom renovations can cost anywhere from as little as $2,500 to as high as $25,000.

The price greatly differs depending upon how much of the bathroom the homeowner would like to renovate and which materials they want to use. Bathroom renovations can be completed in the lower range when more cost-effective materials are used.

If a homeowner would like high-quality marble, granite and other exclusive finishes, they will incur a larger overall cost. Another main point to consider when looking at the price of a bathroom renovation is labour. The labour for removing the old bathroom and installing new pieces can be a large portion of the cost. However this is already factored into the final price.

The national average for a bathroom renovation is $10,399. This is important to note as the average price is close to what most homeowners will pay for a complete renovation. However it is important to note that the normal range is anywhere from $5,963 to 14,869. These prices will help homeowners to understand what they can expect to pay for the scope of the work. In many cases the price can be customized as the homeowner has the choice to select different materials. Bathroom renovations have the ability to increase the value of your home. Bathroom renovations are one of the best ways to update an outdated home.

Bathroom renovations are key to ensuring that your home is in top shape when you plan to sell it. As stated previously, some of the most common updates to a bathroom include new flooring, new vanities, new lighting, new shower stall, new toilet and fresh paint. These are some of the most commonly updated elements of any modern bathroom. In many older bathrooms, certain elements are in need of urgent repair.

For example, bathrooms that are over 20 years old are typically in need of immediate repair such as new shower stall and new bathroom vanities. Over time wear and tear can cause the bathroom to degrade and deteriorate. For this reason it is very important to ensure that bathrooms are renovated and updated as needed.

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